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For over 25 years in the bar construction business we have been supplying customers with indoor and outdoor plans & designs to show you how to build a bar. A home bar will entertain friends, create conversation, laughter, celebrations and become the focal point in your home --- which all equals FUN! These are just a few of the things that might come to mind when you think about owning your own bar in your home. Imagine your basement filled with friendly conversation, music and friends enjoying themselves. Envision an exciting game on your big-screen TV with everyone cheering and having a great time! We have been designing bars and creating bar layouts for clients for over 25 years. Our customers vary from homeowners to tavern owners looking to build a commercial furniture grade basement bar or outdoor tiki bar at an economical price. The design criteria we use for our bar designs was gathered from various sources, including watching re-runs of the 80's television show "Cheers".

We also look at all the different brands of Home Bars that you can buy commercially and we visit local taverns and pubs to get a feel of what features we would like included in our designs. We are constantly updating our bar plans to provide our customers with the latest popular designs. We want our bars to resemble professionally built models that can cost more than $10,000! The results of our hard work and research are bar designs and layouts that are easy to build, can be built at a fraction of the price of professionally built bars, and look as good or better than any commercially built bar that you would find in your local neighborhood tavern or restaurant. Take a look at our Completed Projects Gallery, where you will get a look at some of the bars our customers have built in their homes.


We sell customizable 3D PDF bar plan packages.

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45 Degree L shaped bar plans. Build this beauty with our home bar plans.

45 Degree Bar

Back bar plans. Build this beauty with our home bar plans.

Back Bar Plans

Corner bar plans. Build this beauty with our home bar plans.

Corner Bar

 Tiki Bar Plans

Walk-Up Bar

Straight bar plans. Build this beauty with our home bar plans.

Straight Bar

Portable Tiki

L shaped bar plans. Build this beauty with our home bar plans.

L Shaped Bar

All bars are easily customizable to fit any available space in your home.

Our bar plans which are professionally drawn on a state of the art CAD system. Some of the new renderings are truly amazing like our latest creation the oak back bar. Our newest creation, the Big Kahuna Tiki Bar Plans was released early this year at the request of many of our existing members, there was a high demand for this outdoor masterpiece.

HGTV feature on our bar plans and our home bar design web site.Home Bar Plans Online has been featured on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) on the program Guys' Rooms. You can take a look at the feature on Youtube.  Also, we have recently been featured in Ask Men Magazine in the article "Top 10 Living Room Gadgets" and in Maxim Magazine in the article "How to Build a Bar".


Do! Mahazine feature on our home bar plans interactive bar building and design website.Hot off the press! Home Bar Plans Online has been featured in Do! Magazine.  The name of the article is "Belly Up to the Bar". The article talks about the lure of having a bar in your house and the different options a homeowner has, whether to buy a readymade bar, hire a contractor or do it yourself (with plans from our website!).

All of our plans include detailed dimensional drawings, pictures, a material list, cut lists and a cost estimate along with many helpful hints and suggestions to make your job easier.

Take a look in our public Bar Builders Gallery to see some of the bars that our customers have built in their homes, along with comments that we have received about our plans.

The best part about our designs is that they look great and can be constructed easily by a novice do-it-yourselfer. Basic tools required to build bars from our plans are as follows:

Circular Saw Jig Saw (for drip tray cut-out)
Drill w/Screwdriver Bit Hammer
Clamps Tape Measure
Miter Box Hand Saw

Don't make the mistake of buying a set of bar plans that you would need a fully stocked woodworking shop or specialty tools to complete. Our plans are specifically designed for the novice layman. Not much woodworking experience is needed, making our plans that much more attractive. Our customer's favorite feature of our designs is the Kegerator Box design which allows you to supply draft beer at pennies a glass. The pictures below show an excellent example of our keg box design incorporated into our basic straight bar. The Keg Box is an air tight insulated box located directly under the 3 tap tower in this example.  The cooling equipment can be taken from an old refrigerator and transplanted under the bar, or standalone units can be purchased from various vendors. Don't spend thousands for an under-bar refrigeration system when you can build it yourself. Click a picture for a larger version. Additional customer photos can be viewed in our Project Gallery:

Home bar plans, here is a nice shot of a standard straight bar. Straight bar close up. Amazing results with our bar plans. View of back of bar, pleanty of room to prepare drinks with our bar plans preparation counter. Our unique keg box design plans are included in your membership. Our bar tops are beautiful when finished to resist spills and last for years.

Our plans also include supplier names and phone numbers for the lowest prices available for specialty items such as Oak Arm Rest Molding, Brass Rail etc. so you don't have to waste time searching for the best price, we did the legwork for you!

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