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We would like to express our thanks to all of our customers who have allowed us to display their bar photos and comments about our plans on our main site.

If you would like to see your bar pictures features here, all you have to do is Join the Site, create a member album and add your photo's as you build your bar. This is all explained with detailed instructions once you Join the Site. The links to the members gallery will only show you a small sampling of the bars listed here on the public gallery, once you purchase your membership you will receive full access to all the pictures in the main gallery.


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"I want to thank you so much for making my basement project a smashing success. We call our home bar "The Pour" and the neighbors say it is the friendliest happening place in town. I used hard wood flooring for the bar top with 5 coats of poly. The Keg-erator worked perfectly with an old chest freezer and a Rheostat I bought online. I was lucky enough to have the room for all the amenities including dishwasher, convection microwave, kegerator, TV, sink, wine refrigerator, dorm refrigerator and disposal as well as a small wine rack. Everything went very smoothly and your plans made it so much easier to plan and construct. Keep up the good work and keep your customers building their own. I saved about $15,000 by doing it myself.

Thank you again for your help with "The Pour"

Carl M

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"We used your plans with some modifications to the roof and the exterior of the bar. We extended our existing deck area and tried to make the bar complementary with the house construction. The roof is an "A-frame" design resting on four 6"x6" post. The roof is framed with 2x12 treated timbers and has 2x8 rafters pitched at a 1:12 slope. The roof extends 3'-6" beyond the 6x6 post on all four sides of the bar. The exterior bar walls are covered with wall tile to blend with the grey color of the house. The bar interior layout is pretty close to plans you provided with the interior walls built using stained T & G wall paneling. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and are using it a lot. Thanks for the idea and the help with the plans."

Mike & Joan, Denver, NC

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"While my bar is not an identical match to your plans, they were instrumental in completing my basement bar project! I ended up with 40 feet of counter space, and 18 bar stools. Great fun for parties with 30 people, or a great place to sit alone and watch the big screen.

Thanks for the great planning tools!"

Chris, New Castle, DE

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"I got some great photos of my finished basement and wet bar project to give you for your new Home Bar Builders Gallery. 1st of all what a project. The whole finished basement was centered around my Wet Bar. Once I got your plans online and measured exactly where my Bar would go I then proceeded to finish the basement. "The Basement was Built around the Bar". Project time was from Feb to April 2007. The bar Alone was 1 month to start to finish. The bar seats 8 people, I took a few ideas from some of your other customers photos and comments off your Web Site and have examples below.

The Angled bar top was left over hardwood flooring from around the bar and bathroom. The arm rest molding was from Baird Brothers saw mill made of Popular Wood. The outside of the Bar is made from Barn/Roofing Galvanized Sheet Metal. Carter Lumber has this by the sheet in over 15 colors for $12 a sheet. Very easy to use and cost effective. I have a Full Wet Bar Sink and 5 ft. Cabinet behind the Bar for extra storage from Home Depot. It's a Kitchen Cabinet, but works for me. I put in a Window and Window Seat for the Bartender in between Bottles of Liqueur and Glasses. The back Bar top is Formica from Home Depot that was on Clearance. I also installed a Drink Ledge all the way around basement and behind the bar for displaying things. I have Can lighting above the Bar and Rope Lighting behind and all around outside of the bar. The best thing I used was Black Rubber Wall Base Floor moldings to cover up the back edges and sides of the bar and fridge area. It was so easy to cut and mold around the edges. I want to thank you all so much for your ideas and Online Plans. With the plans from Bar-Gear.com my Wet Bar was a Blast to build. I can't wait for my next project with your plans."

Travis, Taylor Mill, Ky


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"I used the straight bar plans but shortly after I decided to also make a back bar using kitchen cabinets. Having the back bar required moving the bar forward a couple of feet so I decided to make it a slight corner bar to enclose one end. In any case the bar plans were invaluable for planning and building my bar. I found the framing, materials list, and photos especially helpful as I planned the project. I built the bar in a few weekends and the plans were especially helpful when I’d get in a pinch trying to decide on a measurement or location for something. My friends love the bar. It’s a great gathering place for a few people or the center of the party.

I used off the shelf maple cabinets for the back bar. The bar itself is made from maple plywood & solids and veneers with a maple bar rail and copper top, and includes a copper sink, a wine fridge and an enclosed red wine cellar (which will probably be converted to a keg fridge at some point). The doors for the storage components were ordered from a company that does kitchen cabinet door replacement. In all I spent a fraction of what it would have cost to have this built and couldn’t be happier."

Bill B, Cincinnati, OH


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"It took me an entire year working alone with literally no knowledge of carpentry or anything remotely related to bar construction, other than your plans to finish the project. As you can probably see I modified the 90 degree corner to 36.5 degrees to keep patrons from being fried by the fireplace. I omitted the beer cooler as I’m a wine freak and installed a wine cooler instead. As you can see I installed a copper top on the bar which was a task in itself – there is a definite lack of installation info out there…it was like putting on a big decal that can give you 80 stitches if you get stupid. I also put in a granite top for a little variety and to serve as a base for my wine rack. I’ll put in another glass shelf when I find the correct clips. I told you I have ZERO working knowledge of stuff like this and I think I did one hell of a job using your site!"

David W

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"My girlfriend and I used your bar plans to build our L shaped bar. We had our own dimensions to deal with and it was easy to modify the plans to fit my space available. We planned the dimensions to be able to fit a kegerator, a sink, a small refrigerator and plenty of countertop space.  I had to have the spill trough, so we constructed that the same as your plans and it really adds a touch of class to the bar and gives it a realistic bar look. We bought a bunch of brass foot rail brackets and used zinc coated steel conduit piping for the foot rails. The conduit only cost us about $13.00 in total, compared to around $200 or $300 for brass and I think it looks neat. Your bar plans were an integral part of the bar's completion. This is the first thing that my girlfriend and I have ever built."

Steve K, Halifax, MA

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"Attached please find some digital photos of my recently completed bar that was constructed utilizing your plans. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed building the bar as I found the plans to be extremely easy to follow. Most beneficial of the plans is the way they allow for multiple modifications. I had certain specs that I wanted to keep and your plans gave me that opportunity. For example, I was able to extend the length of the bar to fit my open area as well as adjust the countertop space to fit a larger refrigerator. I had a couple of friends assisting me along the way and they continuously commented on the ease of following your plans. Since the bar has been completed, my basement has become the focal point of the household with numerous gathers escalating to the free flowing pale ale! My friends love it even though the wife isn't too happy anymore......... Thanks"

Bob B, Chatham, NJ

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