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About Our Bar Plans

Our plans have been designed so even the first time builder will be able to easily understand how to construct a Home Bar with ease.  There are more than 140 pages of highly detailed, easy to read CAD drawings of the building process that will aid you every step of the way.

We also included a complete parts list with actual vendor part numbers, websites and contact information to take all the guess work out of where to buy your parts and which parts to buy.

All plans are produced in universal Portable Document Format (PDF), this software takes in a document's images, graphics, tables and text with applied bold, underlining, italics,  font sizes and appearances, and creates a specially coded file.  The resulting PDF formatted file contains all information needed to display the new file as originally created, complete with all nuances of the original document, including graphics and text styles.

You can make printouts of all or part of the documents as text only, or with all graphics and styles, to the limits of your print device.  With most computer printers, the result should be excellent.

Below is a sample of our 45 Degree bar plan set which contains 26 pages of complete information on building this bar. All of our plans make it easy to build a professional looking bar economically and easily.

Click on a model below for detailed information about each plan set:


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