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"After an extensive search, Bar-gear.com was one of the few places I found that offered quality plans dedicated specifically to building a home bar. I am a carpenter by trade, I found them to be extremely helpful. Having previously shopped around for finished bars, I've discovered that my bar would have cost me roughly 3 times what I've paid for the material to build it myself, with the added bonus of it being a custom fit to the space I had. The plans literally paid for themselves tens of times over. Among the things I plan to add to the bar as it appears in the photo are a solid brass footrail and a beermeister."

John S, Holland, PA

"I am very proud of the results and have had a great time breaking it in! I used a combination of the straight bar, corner bar and 45 degree bar to make my bar one of a kind, I have received so many compliments and question where I got the ideas from, I always refer them to your site!"

Brad N, Cedar Rapids, IA


"I'm sending a photo of my bar.  I basically used the plans to structure the framework and also to get some ideas.  I installed a formica counter under the bar and I opted not to install the "keg-o-rater".  I do have under counter lights, electrical receptacles, and some other options.  The entire bar is made of oak!"

Walton M, Issue, MD

"I purchased your L-shaped bar plans a couple of years ago. I now have a great bar. I modified your plans to make an 11' x 5' overall sized L. I used parquet wood floor tiles for the bar surface. The footrail was made with a handrail from the local lumber yard. I designed my own arm rest with a 2x6 top member and 2x4 front member. The shelf behind the bar is covered with a spare piece of vinyl floor covering. A 4 cu. ft. refrigerator easily fit under the short leg of the bar. The cost, without the refrigerator, was $250. I had priced out bars in the store from $1,500 for a 6' bar. Thanks for the plans."

Mark B

"Here are pictures of my finished project. I made the bar out of two basic wood products. The guts of the bar was a maple/birch sheets of plywood while the bar exterior was rustic alder. The stain was from Old Stain Masters (Crimson Red) and I completed the trim with 3/4" nosing from Home Depot painted in black. All the drawers and cabinets are built in (I did it myself) and for the wine rack I purchased a simple wine tree from a local wine gallery to place it into the space provided. The bar itself is L-shaped but underneath it is a U-shaped, 2-tiered countertop with a sink. The fridge was purchased ahead of time to determine the exact dimension for the opening. Your plans provided is hours of pre-planning. I think I poured over the plans for a long-long time before I purchased one stick of 2x3. After I started into it, I rarely looked at your plans. I noticed that (or at least I felt that) your plans followed the same type of flow. Since these pictures were taken, I've installed a 14" TV in the corner so the patrons can watch sports at the bar while they are sipping the drinks. Needless to say, the Super Bowl party is at my house this year and if you guys are anywhere near Bozeman, Montana feel free to stop in."

Willie G
Bozeman, Montana

"Upon deciding that I wanted to build a home bar, I did a bit of research and found the plans listed on bar-gear.com. After paying the small fee, I figured out that the feat would be easier that initially expected. Having a bit of cash to spend, I decided to upgrade the bar to cherry wood and opted for the Chicago rail to line the bar. The plans were easy to read, and the bar came out fantastically. Thanks so much for the head start!"

Steve C, Gainesville, FL

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