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"I think your plans were great. They were nicely laid out as well as easily executed by even those with limited woodworking experience. The bar I built is large yet still portable. This project taught me a great deal about refrigeration. I chose to disassemble an old refrigerator then employ all of is old parts to build my own keg box.  By relying on your plans I discovered the importance of many parts I thought could have been omitted....Thanks"

Steve G, Seminole, FL

"Using your L shaped Bar Plans enabled me to get good ideas to incorporate into the design of my own bar.  We use the bar routinely as we entertain our family and friends."

Joe E, Pittsford, NY

"The bar came out great, your plans were easy to follow and allowed me to make the bar with the few tools I had in my garage"

Tom L, Havasau City, AZ

"Your plans were easy to follow and simple to modify, as you can see my bar came out great! I used a hundred year old oak pocket door for the front and part of the side panel, I also put in a spindle from a stair rail as a corner decorative item, the top is two inch oak, routed for the tap drain. Add a couple of brass rails and leave in the old door pull from the pocket door and you have my bar. thanks"

Bob D, Strabane, PA

"I spent a long time searching the internet, library, and woodworking stores for bar plans to no avail until I stumbled onto your site, as you can see the bar came out beautifully. Your plans made it easy to build the bar to my specifications I saved at least $2000 by building the bar myself, thanks again."

Bill J, South Windsor, CT


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