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Sample Bar Plans

Our plans contain highly detailed pages of information that take you from start to finish when building your own beautiful home bar. The plans can be printed in color on 8 1/2" x 11" premium paper. Many of the pages include color photos, diagrams and written instructions for additional clarity. Take a look at some actual pages from a few of our plans so you can get a feel of the high quality detailed information you can expect:

First we will take a look at Page 7 from our 45 Degree L-Shaped Bar Plan:

Notice the detailed 3D drawings with all parts identified along with a cut list and written instructions to make your build go as easy as possible.


The Next shot is Page 13 from our Back Bar Plan:

Take note of the detailed line drawing showing exact locations of dado's and precise plotted dimensions to show you exactly how to assemble the parts from the cut lists:


Our final screen shot is from Page 21 of our Big Kahuna Tiki Bar Plan:

We take pride in our detailed 3D representation of what you are building. We then compare that to the actual picture of the bar as we build the prototype. All of our plans are loaded with concise written instructions; our philosophy is that dimensions and pictures alone can easily get confusing without a thorough explanation of the next step.


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